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Strategy is dynamic by nature, because it must be constantly updated and modified to meet new market requirements and to seize all domestic and international growth opportunities.
As your consultants we work to help you achieve maximum profits.


We offer assistance to entrepreneurs and managers in key areas of the business (accounting, finance, controlling, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, sales and marketing), reorganizing tools and business processes with the objective to improve profitability and make the company more prepared to face the competition.


In a time of strong market changes corporate training plays a key role in obtaining four objectives: to invest and enhance skills in the areas of business, to support change and new processes, to motivate staff towards a common goal and shared and to accelerate the company's growth.


  • Because Bexa’s team is made up of senior managers who acquired their knowledge with hands-on experience in the field and are ready to help manage your company with acceleration toward changes, innovation and overall improvement

  • Because Bexa’s team is highly professional and knowledgeable. The Team is cohesive, focused on the identification of objectives and solutions to satisfy any company need

  • Because Bexa’s team offers a complete set of services including but not limited to Temporary Management, “full key” projects and support for negotiations and export.

Key results obtained:

  • Company active and passive cycle re-organization and automation, cost reductions, outsourcing
  • Economic and Financial reporting system generation to support strategic and operational plans within multinational Italian groups
  • New commercial and production companies set-up in Italy and Internationally
  • Startup operational support, including grant and fund raising
  • Company business network, temporary or conclusive
  • Establishment of Line of credit, with important reduction of time to cash; selling network configurator; cooperation with Italian and International export credit line
  • Granting and funding for food and textile manufacturing investment, with relevant reduction of fiscal burdens