Vittorio Bega

  Vittorio Bega

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Bega Vittorio

For most of my career I have worked as the Chief Financial Officer in medium and large sized companies, either family owned or multinational.
As CFO, I worked very closely with the Shareholders and the CEO, mainly to assure the correct operations of administration and financial control. I also collaborated in:
  • Reengineering of processes with the consequent redefinition, optimization and reduction of work force.
  • Providing top management support in the analysis of deviations from the budget, with the objective to maintain and improve business competitiveness.
  • Maintaining good relationships with the banks for the optimization of the company's financial position and to manage business development programs and criticalities due to financial automotive market crisis.
  • Operational management of foreign companies and consolidation of their budgets.
  • Management of HR and IT especially during the crisis created by the introduction of ERP systems.
I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Parma.
I have a 360° professional approach even in culturally different environments, often characterized by strong criticality.
I have a good knowledge of English and French.

I am passionate about the history of art, food as well as Italian and French wines.
I like to travel Europe by motorcycle.