• Because Bexa’s team is made up of senior managers who acquired their knowledge with hands-on experience in the field and are ready to help manage your company with acceleration toward changes, innovation and overall improvement

  • Because Bexa’s team is highly professional and knowledgeable. The Team is cohesive, focused on the identification of objectives and solutions to satisfy any company need

  • Because Bexa’s team offers a complete set of services including but not limited to Temporary Management, “full key” projects and support for negotiations and export.

Key results obtained:

  • Company active and passive cycle re-organization and automation, cost reductions, outsourcing
  • Economic and Financial reporting system generation to support strategic and operational plans within multinational Italian groups
  • New commercial and production companies set-up in Italy and Internationally
  • Startup operational support, including grant and fund raising
  • Company business network, temporary or conclusive
  • Establishment of Line of credit, with important reduction of time to cash; selling network configurator; cooperation with Italian and International export credit line
  • Granting and funding for food and textile manufacturing investment, with relevant reduction of fiscal burdens